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Kennel Care

With over 75 dogs at any given time, kennel care is paramount. Engage in tasks like feeding, cleaning, and laundry. Your dedicated efforts guarantee a clean, happy, and safe environment for every animal under our care.


Meet & Greet Sessions

Lend a hand during our adoption events. Spend a few hours with our pups and potential adopters. Your involvement can make a difference in helping dogs find their forever homes, and ensure a memorable experience for visitors.


Fundraising Efforts

Be a part of our fundraising team, from planning events to grant writing. Every effort amplifies our cause, ensuring we have the resources to cater to our dogs’ needs, making each day brighter for them.


Transport Assistance

Assist with crucial transport tasks, from medical trips to rescuing from mills. Ensure you’re 21+ with a valid license. Play an instrumental role in the smooth operations of our shelter and in the lives of many animals.

Other Skills

Different Skillset volunteer

A successful rescue needs lots of different talents and skills – Are you handy around tools? Love planting and yardwork? Do you enjoy grooming and helping dogs feel their best? Do you have another skill that could be useful? Not totally sure what you’d like to do but want to be part of lifesaving? Reach out to us – we are always happy to talk!