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Discover the joy of pet adoption at Phoenix Animal Rescue. Offering a sanctuary to animals in need, we connect loving hearts with furry friends in the Philadelphia area. Join us in our mission to create a world where every pet has a forever home.


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About Us

Our Mission, Your Impact

Phoenix Animal Rescue (PAR), located in Philadelphia, is a beacon of hope for pets in need. Our shelter, operated by a dedicated team of volunteers, welcomes a diverse range of animals – from the smallest, cuddliest furballs to diligent working breeds and majestic, oversized companions waiting to share your couch.

We’re driven by a single, powerful belief: every animal deserves a second chance, and we work tirelessly to ensure that they get this opportunity. From rescue to rehabilitation and finally rehoming, our mission is to provide a safe haven where animals can thrive until they find their perfect match.

But our efforts wouldn’t be possible without your support. Every donation, big or small, goes directly towards the care and rehabilitation of our animals. By contributing to PAR, you’re not just donating; you’re making a tangible impact, helping us transform lives and create brighter futures for these deserving animals.

Join us in our mission today. Together, we can make a world of difference for animals in need.

Providing Rescue Services

Creating a Better Life for Pets

Rescuing Animals

Since 2009, Phoenix Animal Rescue has been making an impact on the lives of local urgent dogs and exotics. From puppy mills to kill shelters, our animals come from many backgrounds, but they all find a safe haven with us.

Medical Care

From routine spays and neuters to complex surgeries, we take pride in providing the best care possible for all our animals before adoption.

Finding A Home

A happy ending means a loving home and family like yours. Open your heart and home today to a deserving pet in need.

Every Dollar Counts

Your generosity directly supports Phoenix Animal Rescue’s mission. Whether it’s $25, $50, $100, $200, or more, each donation offers hope, care, and love to a waiting pet. Click and be part of this change today.


Adopt a loving pet with Phoenix Animal Rescue. From playful puppies to graceful seniors, our animals are waiting for a forever home with you. Each adoption saves a life and brings joy to yours. Find your perfect match today.