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Embarking on Your Adoption Journey? Here’s What You Should Know!
Considering Adoption Beyond Our Borders?
While we primarily serve the tri-state area within a 75-mile radius from the 19425 zip-code, on rare occassions we make exceptions for our long-term residents or specific cases for whom we have difficulty finidning more local homes. However, remember we do not ship dogs – you’ll need to meet them in person before finalizing the adoption.
Why the Geographic Adoption Limit?
From experience, while distance might not seem like a challenge during adoption, it can become an issue if a pet needs to be returned. Despite best intentions, sometimes pets do come back, and it’s a challenge for us, a volunteer-driven group, to retrieve them from afar.
I'm Ready to Drive. Is that Okay?
Absolutely, if you’re committed to the drive, we sometimes make exceptions. However, our preference remains local adoptions, especially if we have qualified local adopters.
How About Pre-Approval for Adoption?
Each dog has individual needs and while you may be ideal for one, it maynot be the right match for another one. We do not do general pre-approvals. If you have applied within the last 6 months, email us at For older applications, please re-apply.
Do You Have Hypoallergenic Dogs?
“Hypoallergenic” varies person-to-person. We list all our pets on Petfinder, and while some breeds might be labeled hypoallergenic, reactions can still occur. Our breed descriptions are best guesses, so visit post-approval to find your match.
Do Your Dogs Pass the Cat Test?
We don’t cat-test in a kennel setting due to stress. We’ll share any history we have, but always suggest slow introductions at home.
Adoption Fee Payment Method?
To reduce our administrative costs, debit/credit cards are prefered. Cash payments, due to our shelter system’s terms, could inflate our costs with less of the fee going to care of animals and more to overhead expenses. Your understanding helps every penny go further for our animals.
Why an Adoption Fee?
Rescuing animals incurs expenses, from basic care to surgeries. Our adoption fees seldom cover the actual expenses, but they’re vital to support our mission.
Can You Reserve a Pet I Fancy?
Our animals deserve swift placements into loving homes. If you’re not ready now, please return when you are.
Are the dogs housebroken?
You should always assume the dog is not housebroken – getting them right into your routine with more frequent walks allows them to settle in easier and avoid any accidents at home.
Ever Tried Foster-to-Adopt?
Sorry, it’s not in our practice.
Applied Before and Eyeing Another Pet?
No need for another application! Just email us at We’re here to help.
What If My Current Dog Doesn't Gel with the New One?
It can be tricky choosing from a photo. If things aren’t clicking, you can meet other dogs. Some exclusions apply based on prior appointments and specific needs.
Application Processing Time?
It varies. Checking references, liaising with landlords, and vets can take anywhere from a day to over a week. Want an update? Feel free to email us.
Veterinary Care Offered?
Every animal gets top-notch care. From routine vaccinations to special surgeries and treatments, our vet partners ensure they’re in the best health.

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